Novel approaches for understanding art and recreating environments

During a recent collaboration with Playlines and the National Gallery X, I used 3D modelling to recreate Titian’s Diane and Actaeon in a virtual space. We did this so that the composition could be interrogated in a new way, enabling us to see directly the artistic license that the great master had taken with physical space.

The methodology and workflow developed is discussed in an interview with the artist Tom de Freston in an AR app developed by Playlines during a National Gallery residency. The approach brings a rich insight into the compositional choices and dilemmas of the artist and I plan to develop the method further through a collaboration with Jane Wildgoose, looking into vanitas works in the National Gallery collection.

Room to Breathe, UK Migration Museum

Through seed-funding at KCL, I collaborated with an interdisciplinary team to create a virtual museum exhibit, drawing on material from the UKMM’s temporary exhibition installed in Lambeth. Our goals were to preserve the exhibition for posterity, and to provide access to a wider audience. Through focus groups and co-creation sessions, we aimed to put the experiences of the storytellers at the core of an AR application, and to elicit an uneasy and challenging empathy in the audience. The prototype is focussed directly on Key Stage 3 pupils and is designed to encourage discussion in the framework of the national curriculum requirements around citizenship.