3D Scanning

3D Scanning

Photogrammetry and LiDAR capture

Architectural survey

Consumer LiDAR is less accurate than industrial solutions, though when incorporated into a holistic workflow it can be a highly effective tool. For this study of the internal layout of St. Bartholomew’s church in Brighton, I used LiDAR to create a rough but accurate template of relative heights and distances. Some details were inaccessible from floor level, but the ability to measure relative distances meant that I could build an accurate 3D representation in Blenderbased on ground measurements. The interior layout was interesting in that only one wall segment needed to be built, and through duplicating and mirroring that segment, a complelling animation could be made fairly quickly. This animation was rendered from Blender in around 4 hours.

St. Bartholomew's Church from King's Digital Lab on Vimeo.

Photogrammetry projects

I use a combination of software and techniques to get good quality scans at all all scales; from drone capture on buildings, to focus stacking on macro lenses for tiny objects. When the output is needed simply for fun, or time is severely limited, I occasionally use video capture and break the frames into a photo set for fast processing, as I have been doing with my personal Thousand Thresholds project. Thousand Thresholds is a collection of doorways, captured in passing with a very quick photogrammetry pass, whenever a door catches my eye.

Poacher's Gaol